Pixie Locks™ offers a professional and trusted in-home head lice removal service that entails manually pulling out all visible head lice, nits and eggs.

Our lice treatment is all-natural and contains no chemicals or harmful pesticides. It is safe for even the youngest member of your family.

We are a company that employs caring moms, health care professionals, and former teachers who have experienced lice themselves, and can sympathize with parents and their children.

Our goal is to educate people about head lice and to assist in safe, fast removal and prevention of this common pest.
We know how exhausting and frustrating it is to do 10 or more loads of laundry while trying to get your wiggly child to sit still while de-lousing their sensitive head. It may take you 4-6 hours to treat your child while we can do it in 1-2 hours. Lice are not harmful; therefore, there is no need to panic. We will put you and your family at ease.

We are available for daytime, evening and weekend appointments.
Our skilled technicians will also provide screenings at schools, camps and daycare centers.

We are here to help.   Call now @ 1-800-372-0373 or

Friendly, confidential and discreet
Full service treatment in the comfort of your own home
Non-toxic, earth friendly products used
Manual nitpicking for thoroughly clean hair
Most preferred company in Orange County by parents, teachers and doctors
Flexible Scheduling including weekend appointments
All employees have cleared background screening