Mousse, 4 oz - $25 - BEST SELLER
Pixie Locks MOUSSE is a nontoxic, pesticide free product proven to eliminate head lice and their eggs (nits) in just one treatment. This cleansing product uses a combination of naturally occurring active enzymes to repel head lice and is clinically proven to dissolve nit glue without the risk associated with pesticide poisons.One bottle, used as directed along with our Pixie Locks Nit Free comb, has been 95% effective in removing the head lice and their nits!

Lice Killer Oil, 8 oz – $45
A safe, all natural Lice treatment that combines powerful essential oils known to repel lice and loosen the glue on the eggs. Best results achieved when used in combination with the Nit Free Terminator Comb.

Nit Free Terminator Comb – $20
The ultimate tool to fight Head Lice and their eggs! The micro-grooved teeth will drag nits out and destroy them. Made of tempered steel, this is the #1 lice comb used by professional lice removal services!

Nit Free Lice Repellant Mint Spray, 4 oz - $15
Revolutionary lice fighting tool! Our specialized Mint Spray has been formulated with natural products that lice find offensive & helps repel them. Lightly mist Mint Free Nit Spray on hair, with special attention given to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Mint Spray may be used once per day or several times per day. Pleasant peppermint fragrance, safe, non-toxic, & pesticide and alcohol free.

Nit Free Shampoo, 8 oz - $15
This revolutionary cleansing shampoo uses a combination of naturally occurring enzymes and oils to harmlessly repel the lice and their eggs without the risks associated with pesticide poisons. Mild peppermint-mango scent is non-irritating to most people.

Nit Free Conditioner, 8 oz – $15
This is a natural, non-toxic conditioner that contains natural enzymes and oils used in conjunction with the shampoo.