Head Lice Treatment Testimonials

"Pixie Locks has the BEST services EVER! Nobody should go through the work of trying to get rid of lice themselves...it's torture! Hire a Pixie Locks technician and you will be a happier person, trust me, I am one of them! Thank you Pixie Locks! I will recommend you to everyone I know!"
L.K. Mission Viejo, Ca
"To all the Mothers out there, don't waste your time combing all the lice and nits out, you won't get them all! Pixie Locks is a company that comes to your home and does all the nasty work for you. They are awesome! I highly recommend them to anyone infested with lice!"
A.N., Coto de Caza, Ca
"Pixie Locks sent a wonderful technician to us who finished the job quick! My back was aching due to all the hunched over combing I had done for 6 hours the prior day. Don't torture yourselves Mommies! If your kids have lice hire Pixie Locks, you'll be glad you did!"
G.N., Laguna Beach, Ca
"I give these girls a 5 star rating! Pixie Locks sent 2 of their technicians and my 4 kids were done and lice free within 3 hours. It would have taken me days to do their hair myself. Pixie Locks' services are worth every dollar! Highly recommend!"
T.G., Newport Coast, Ca
"Thank you so much. I was so fed up with trying to rid my family of lice when I finally broke down and called you for help. Boy, was I glad I did! The gal you sent was fantastic! She was very thorough and calming. I am thrilled that this problem is finally behind us. This is such an incredible service you are providing.... I will tell all the moms I know about Pixie Locks.
Thank you for restoring my sanity!"
K.W., Laguna Beach, Ca
"We had a great experience with Pixie Locks. They come to your house to work on everyone in your family and charge by the hour. Worth every dollar! They were so great that I had them come and check the students at our day care center."
P.B., Irvine, Ca
"After receiving a phone call from my child’s school informing me of her lice infestation, I panicked. The school nurse recommended that I call Pixie Locks for help. I would like to express my heart felt thanks and appreciation to you for your professional and prompt service. I could not have dealt with this without your help. I highly recommend your services to all families who undergo the horror of a lice infestation."
L.M., Villa Park, Ca